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Everything you need to know about Chile's electric power systemtipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Everything you need to know about Chile's electric power system

Chile's generation, transmission and distribution segments were unbundled and privatized in 1982. Since then its electricity system has generally been held up as an example for other countries to follow. Despite complications, the country remains popular with energy investors. With projected power demand growth rates of 5%-7% over the next decade, there is no reason to assume this will change. But cracks in the Chilean electricity model have appeared, and there are those who think the country is on the brink of 'crisis.' The matrix has become less reliable, and more expensive. The power grid is significantly more polluting than it was 15 years ago. Moreover, bureaucratic bottlenecks and social opposition have stalled the development of new energy infrastructure. Energy has thus become the center of debate in Chile - in this, an election year. This IS report, a comprehensive guide to the electric power system in Chile, will get to the bottom of this debate, and offer a sense of where the country is headed.

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The Colombian oil miracletipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

The Colombian oil miracle

Colombia has done an excellent job in the past decade of positioning itself as an attractive destination for international oil companies. However, the country has not seen any major discoveries since Cusiana, and the replenishment of reserves in recent years has been insufficient to ensure sustainable production in the long term. The greater activity expected in offshore exploration and non-conventional hydrocarbon exploration poses both a challenge and an interesting business opportunity for industry suppliers. Despite challenges, Colombia remains a popular destination for hydrocarbons investment.

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Mining in Colombia: On the Verge of something bigtipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Mining in Colombia: On the Verge of something big

Colombia is in the midst of a series of institutional and legal reforms that aim to set the stage for a successful future in competitive, sustainable mining by attracting investment from responsible companies.

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Projects in Brazil 2012 (Digital version)tipo_prod_name_i


Projects in Brazil 2012 (Digital version)


Size: Height 70cm x Width 50cm


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Outlook: 2015 Signals Broad Shift tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Outlook: 2015 Signals Broad Shift

The upcoming year will see a shifting energy landscape. Oil prices are dropping and new supply is flooding the market. The change could be especially felt in Colombia and Venezuela, while other countries like Mexico and Argentina should continue to see rising oil and gas investment.

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Colombia: a key moment to improve transport infrastructuretipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Colombia: a key moment to improve transport infrastructure

Colombia suffers from a transport infrastructure deficit that reduces its competitiveness. The goal for 2018 is to have quadrupled the surface of divided highways, triple the length of railways in operation, increase the loading capacity of ports in 100% and raise airport passenger capacity by 50%. In this report we analyze the new generation of concessions through which these objectives are to be achieved, identifying the advantages and possible obstacles for the substantial volume of investments expected as a result of the recent institutional and regulatory changes introduced into public-private sector associations.

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Unconventional hydrocarbons: Is Argentina moving up to the major leagues?tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Unconventional hydrocarbons: Is Argentina moving up to the major leagues?

A report published by the US Department of Energy considers the Neuquén Basin in Argentina to be one of the most promising areas in the world in terms of existing deposits of shale gas, tight gas and shale oil. Will the country be able to exploit and capitalize on these natural resources? In this first edition of our Oil & Gas Intelligence Series, BNamericas analyzes all the issues related to... view more

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Argentina Seeks to Revitalize Its Power Sector tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Argentina Seeks to Revitalize Its Power Sector

This report reviews the history and development of the Argentine power sector and examines the challenges it faces today. It then describes the measures taken so far by the administration of the newly elected president, Mauricio Macri. Lastly, it explores the prospects for renewable energy in Argentina.... view more

Financial Services Survey 2015 tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Financial Services Survey 2015

The results of the BNamericas Banking survey, in which executives and industry experts throughout the region participated, indicate that the financial services sector in Latin America will maintain its growth trend in 2015, although there is less optimism than in previous years.... view more

Mining Survey 2015 tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Mining Survey 2015

Infrastructure Outlook: Big Promises for 2015 tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Infrastructure Outlook: Big Promises for 2015

- Introduction
- More and Improved PPPs
- A Focus on Urban Mobility
- Ports Require Urgent Expansion
- Moving Towards a Logistics Strategy
- Airports at a Crossroads
- Water: Emphasis on Management
- Conclusion

Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile lead the region's public and private investment in infrastructure with multibillion dollar programs, suggesting that from 2015 on Latin America could achieve its long-held desire to close the deficit in this sector and improve competitiveness. Yet big challenges are present. Apart from building projects that operate well and offer financial returns for private operators of roads, urban transport, ports and airports, among others, a strategic and long-term vision is a must.


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