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Latam Leaders Forum 2016tipo_prod_name_i

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Latam Leaders Forum 2016

September 15-16, 2016. Miami, USA.

Mobile Financial Services Gather Pace tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Mobile Financial Services Gather Pace

The concrete possibility of, on the one hand, providing access to the formal banking sector for millions of people via mobile phones, and on the other of offering greater value to the operations of customers who own a smartphone, is driving mobile financial services in Latin America. To speed up development of the channel, several countries have begun to make more flexible the role of non-bank pr... view more

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Junior Mining: Survival of the Resilient tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Junior Mining: Survival of the Resilient

Junior mining companies have been hammered by a lack of risk capital for more than three years and there is little sign of a change in sentiment due to the low metal price environment and deepening concern over slowing Chinese demand. The adverse conditions have prompted juniors to adopt diverse strategies to survive the downturn and attract alternative sources of financing such as private equity... view more

Financial Services Outlook 2016: A Focus on Asset Quality tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Financial Services Outlook 2016: A Focus on Asset Quality

Figure: GDP Forecast
Figure: Banking Data

Brazil: The Crisis Deepens
Figure: Negative Growth
Figure: Brazil Banking Sector Projections
Figure: Unemployment in Brazil

Mexico: Credit Picking up Slowly
Figure: Mexico Banking Indicators

Argentina: Banks Prepare for Adjustment
Argentina: Growth Forecast
Figure: Loans in Argentina

Chile: Portfolio Remains Steady
Figure: Principal Banking Sector Indicators
Figure: Chile Growth Forecast

Colombia: 4G Driving Credit Demand
Figure: Loan Growth Projections
Figure: GDP Growth Forecast, Colombia

Peru: El Niņo, an Unknown Factor
Figure: Peru Growth Forecast

Venezuela: Conditions Deteriorate for Private Banks
Figure: Deposits of State Entities at Banks
Figure: Venezuela Growth Forecast


Oil and Gas Outlook 2016: Confronting The Age of Oil and Gas Abundance in Latin America tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Oil and Gas Outlook 2016: Confronting The Age of Oil and Gas Abundance in Latin America

The Age of Abundance
Figure: Where is Brent Headed?
Figure: Where is WTI Headed?

Argentina: Change is in the Air
Figure: Oil Production in Argentina
Figure: Rig Count in Argentina

Bolivia: Looking for New Gas
Figure: Bolivian Investment in Hydrocarbons
Figure: Natural Gas Exports
Figure: Planned Exploration Investment through 2019

Brazil: Looking Ahead
Figure: Oil Reserves
Figure: Pre-salt Production

Chile: Enap Diversifies
Figure: Chile's Energy Mix

Colombia: A New Course Needed
Figure: Dropping Rig Count
Figure: Oil Production in Colombia

Mexico: A Reform Matures
Figure: Oil Production in Mexico

Peru: Natural Gas Projects Take Center Stage
Figure: Peru Oil Contracts
Figure: Wells Drilled in Peru

Venezuela: More Pragmatism?
Figure: Towering Resources

Ecuador: The Other Opec Member Moves to Produce More
Figure: Planned Investment, Petroecuador

The Rest: Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Trinidad, Paraguay, Guyana
Figure: Upcoming Rounds

Conclusion: Busts are Common, but the World is Different
Figure: Monthly Oil Price

Mining Outlook 2016: Adapting to the New Reality of Volatility and Complexity tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Mining Outlook 2016: Adapting to the New Reality of Volatility and Complexity

Focus: Downturn deeper and longer than expected
Figure: Global Non-Ferrous Metals Exploration Spending
Figure: Copper Production Cuts

Metals prices: More pain to come
Figure: Gold Price Forecasts
Figure: Copper Price Forecasts

Argentina: Can a new administration unlock the potential?
Figure: Argentina's Mining Exports

Brazil: Top notch potential will weather lower prices, domestic turmoil
Figure: Brazil Iron Ore Production by Company
Figure: Forecast for Iron Ore Prices
Figure: Brazil's Mining Investment Portfolio

Chile: The struggle for growth in a shifting landscape
Figure: Projected Electricity Needs in Chile's Mining
Chilean Copper Mine Production
Figure: Mining Jobs in Chile

Colombia: Development remains a challenge, but shoots of green could herald change
Figure: Colombian Gold Production
Figure: Colombian Coal Production
Figure: Coal Prices

Mexico: Countercyclical investment persists thanks to low costs
Figure: Mexican Mining Sector Investment
Figure: Gold Mining Cash Costs in Mexico
Figure: Mexican Gold Production
Figure: Mexican Silver Production

Peru: Politics and people to shape the mining agenda
Figure: Peruvian Mining Investment
Figure: Copper Production Costs in Top 10 Producing Countries
Figure: Peru's Mining Exports

The best of the rest: Bolivia, Guatemala, Ecuador, Panama
Figure: Mining Exports, Bolivia
Figure: Gold and Silver Production in Guatemala
Figure: Global Lithium Deposits

Figure: Combined Capital Expenditure of the Top 10 Private Sector Diversified Mining Companies
Figure: Projects Coming Online

Electric Power Outlook 2016: Power Market Opportunities in Turbulent Times tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Electric Power Outlook 2016: Power Market Opportunities in Turbulent Times

Figure: Generation Mix
Figure: Installed Capacity

Growth Trends
Figure: Electricity Use 2014
Figure: Power Use Evolution

El Niņo Looms

Enthusiasm Spreads for Renewables
Figure: Auctions

Top Local Renewables Markets

Hydro Still King
Figure: Pipeline

Business and M&A Outlook
Figure: Public Players
Figure: Private Players

Elections and Scandals

New Mexican Market Set to Launch

Central America
Figure: Siepac Transactions
Figure: Power Infrastructure


Pacific Alliance Pensions: The Road to Future Structural Reforms tipo_prod_name_i

Intelligence Series

Pacific Alliance Pensions: The Road to Future Structural Reforms

This report reviews the current situation of defined contribution pension systems in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, and considers the possible direction of future structural reforms to tackle longstanding issues in areas such as coverage and replacement rates.... view more

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